CLEARANCE Red Clay Suede & Beaded Moccs

$ 17.97

These RED beauties will jazz up any outfit, don't delay, get them while you can..... can you say TOO CUTE??!!

We love the boot moccs with a simple pair of jeans - and then you add the little beads - and we go bananas!! .... like Little Monkey bananas!!

There is velcro at the back of the boots to make putting on much easier, but yet harder for your little one to wrangle themselves out.

Current sizes available:

  • (0-6 Months) (4-4.5")
  • (6-12 Months) (4.5-4.75")
  • (12-18 Months) (4.75-5.25")
  • (18-24 Months) (5.25-5.75")

The beads are a decorative accent, and we have ensured they are sewed on with quality - however, please keep an eye that little ones don't try to pick the beads off - as it could be a safety hazard.