The Funky Monkey Story

Ever dream of taking a crazy leap of faith, kissing the daily grind behind and doing something you really, really love? Of blending one part passion with a healthy dose of optimism and a genuine desire to shake up the old-school way of doing business?

Five years ago, that's exactly what Jenny did when she founded Funky Monkey Fashion Accessories - a small little e-commerce venture that quickly grew into a unique business built by a team of amazing women!

From Fine Jewels To Amazing Finds

Jenny isn't your 'typical' e-commerce entrepreneur, and that's why Funky Monkey isn't just another 'typical' fashion accessory site. Formally trained as a gemologist, Jenny started out in the high-brow world of diamond and precious jewelry sales where she learned the ins and outs of the business.

In spite of the perks of the job, Jenny always had a nagging feeling that she was destined to do more....after countless sleepless nights, she realized what she really wanted to do - connect real women like her with fun and affordable fashion-forward accessories!

Work That Works For Women

Jenny also realized that she needed help, so she reached out to her 'cheerleaders', other like-minded women who's love for finding fashion deals comes second only to their love of their families!

The Funky Monkey team is made up of women who wear many hats - mom's, caregivers and household managers who are smart, vibrant and powerful! Funky Monkey is proud to support each other by creating a work environment that empowers women to maintain a healthy, happy work-life balance with flexible scheduling, great coffee and a dress code that includes yoga pants!

How Funky Monkey Rolls

Right from the start, Funky Monkey was dedicated to bucking the trend of typical fashion accessory retailers, even if that meant more work and lower profit margins.

What sets Funky Monkey apart is our dedication to delivering great deals on unique items - that's why the Funky Monkey team deals directly with their manufacturers, even if that means enduring jet-lag and dealing with lousy airplane food....

Drawing on her skills as a gemologist (and her uncanny eye for the fabulous) Jenny and the Funky Monkey team design much of what they sell - how cool is that???

With a little (ok, a lot!) of hard work, this team of awesome women are turning the fashion accessory world upside down by bringing you fun and unique accessories that you won't find anywhere else!

    So glad you stopped by!!

    The Funky Monkey Team